MPs Michel Moawad and Ashraf Rifi, representing the “Tajaddod” bloc, held a press conference during which they discussed the issue of “Syrian displacement,” affirming the bloc’s participation in the Parliamentary session on Wednesday.

“The invitation to Wednesday’s session is timely as it is essential to have a national debate on the displaced issue,” Moawad stated.

He said that the bloc will not only attend the session to discuss the European grant, but rather to discuss, in a broader sense, “the government’s complicity or abandonment in the Syrian displaced issue, which poses a threat to Lebanon’s security, economy and stability.”

Moawad pointed out that between December and mid-April, 4,000 illegal Syrian migrants moved to Cyprus, while Lebanon bears the presence of over two million “displaced,” most of whom entered Lebanese territory illegally. “It appears disinterested in solving the Syrian displacement crisis and is irresponsible and relinquishing sovereignty,” he noted.

He said that Europe’s priority is to protect itself from illegal migration, and the Lebanese government’s responsibility is to adopt a sovereign policy to protect Lebanon, not Europe.

Moawad urged rejecting funding for Syrians in Lebanon, redirecting resources to aid their return to Syria and pushing for international support. Additionally, he stressed the need to deport illegal Syrian migrants, enforce laws and regulate borders in line with UN Resolution 1680.

“What is needed is a ministerial committee transparently dealing with the displacement issue, and the Caesar Act should not hinder humanitarian aid. Although the mechanism is challenging, the presence of determination aids in utilizing available resources,” Moawad concluded.

For his part, MP Ashraf Rifi stressed the urgency of addressing the Syrian displacement issue, emphasizing the need for a unified approach, grounded in brotherhood, respect for Lebanese diversity and Islamic-Christian cooperation.

Regarding the Ministry of Displaced Persons’ role, he clarified that their responsibility doesn’t encompass the displacement file. Instead, he proposed a strategic plan and a military-led crisis cell for effective implementation.

Rifi concluded by demanding a swift, safe and dignified return for the displaced while preserving Lebanon’s demographic balance.