Israeli army spokesperson, Avichae Adraee, revealed on Friday that “the 282nd Brigade carried out a surprise exercise to simulate an offensive operation on the northern front”.

In a tweet on X, Adraee indicated that troops of the brigade have been conducting offensive and defensive missions on the Lebanese borders for the past three months.

“During the past week, a surprise exercise was conducted in which various scenarios were practiced, including the rapid deployment of artillery for offensive purposes” he added.

“The aim is simulating fighting in various combat scenarios on the Lebanese border against the terrorist organization Hezbollah” Adraee continued.

He also affirmed that “Since the outbreak of the war, artillery forces on the northern border have fired thousands of rounds of ammunition at thousands of terrorist targets as part of an ongoing series of operations targeting subversive cells and planned attacks on Hezbollah infrastructure and targets in the border area”.

Earlier at around noon, the Israeli army announced intercepting a drone launched from southern Lebanon towards their northern front. At the same time, Israeli artillery shelled the outskirts of Naqoura, with no casualties reported.