The delegation of opposition MPs continued its tour in Washington, D.C., presenting the opposition’s standpoint to American officials regarding the situation in Lebanon. MPs Michel Moawad, Waddah Sadek, Georges Okais, Marc Daou and Nadim Gemayel presented a unified roadmap for Lebanon’s future.

The delegation began with a series of crucial meetings in Congress, engaging with the Lebanese-American Friendship Caucus, which now includes 36 MPs. In addition, they met with several Congress members in the foreign affairs and finance committees.

Addressing the economic front, the delegation also met with officials of the Middle East and Lebanon file at the US Treasury Department to discuss essential reform measures to complete a program with the IMF and to save the Lebanese financial and economic situation. With Lebanon grappling with financial turmoil exacerbated by government inaction, the focus was on combating illicit financial activities and defending the legitimate private sector.

On another note, the delegation responded to an invitation from three think tanks: the Middle East Foundation, the Wilson Center and the American Task Force on Lebanon (ATFL). A meeting was also held with the Lebanese Club at the World Bank, the Monetary Fund and Lebanese academics in Washington.

It is important to note that the delegation is scheduled to hold meetings with American officials at the State Department, the White House and with representatives of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Additionally. They will engage with Arab ambassadors in Washington and meet with more US Congress members during the weekend.