For the Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Archbishop of Beirut, Elias Audi, Lebanon “is ill and divided due to the sins of its rulers, leaders, and party and tribal chiefs, and it has no one to carry it towards healing.”

During his Sunday sermon, Audi denounced the harmful actions of the country’s leaders, who “exploit the state and its institutions, circumvent the laws, and ignore the provisions of the Constitution.”

Archbishop Audi referred to those who decide on war and peace at the expense of an “absent, incapable, and confused” state. “Some violate borders and the will of the people, serving their interests, undermining the authority and sovereignty of the state, and obstructing the election of a president,” he said, referring to Hezbollah without naming it.

“Lebanon has no one who believes in it and the possibility of its recovery,” he also lamented, denouncing the lack of “planning, clear vision, intention, or will” to change things.

He then reminded leaders of their role when “the fate of the country is in danger.” “It is the duty of influential people to disregard their interests, affiliations, and sects in order to establish the foundations of the state, fortify its institutions, protect its borders, and impose its laws on everyone,” he added.

“We ask God, in this Holy Lent, to bless the efforts of all those who work for the good of Lebanon and seek its salvation,” concluded Archbishop Audi.

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