The Electricity of Lebanon (EDL) announced in a press release on Wednesday that it is continuing to collect electricity bills from Syrian refugee camps in various Lebanese regions. This is part of the implementation of the national emergency plan for the electricity sector, with new camps being submitted to the process every week.

EDL said that “collection in the camps is proceeding satisfactorily.” It called on “the remaining displaced Syrians to pay their dues as quickly as possible, in EDL’s interest as well as their own, to avoid power cuts in the event of non-payment.”

“Electricity is a commodity, and anyone who consumes it must pay, whether Lebanese, resident, refugee or otherwise,” according to EDL.

EDL installed meters in some 900 Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon, after collaborating with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which ensured that part of the amount it allocates to each individual is earmarked to cover electricity bills.

Until the end of January, the collection of bills from Syrian refugee camps had brought in LBP 1.2 billion for EDL.