On Saturday, the “Retired Military Association” announced plans to stage protests next Tuesday, culminating in the shutdown of VAT and Imports buildings as well as the Beirut port. The association cited the government’s persistent failure to address their demands as the primary motive behind their protest.

In a statement, the association expressed frustration over “the procrastination and delay by the government in correcting salaries and providing salary increases for the remaining public sector.”

“The legal platform for retired armed forces presented its vision of implementing justice and equality among all sectors by canceling all increases and grants and redistributing a unified percentage of the actual value of salaries before 2019,” they added.

The association declared its intention to escalate its actions, considering the shutdown of key facilities to be a “final message to this government before taking measures and actions that will include all decision-making sites.” Additionally, they emphasized that “Silence is not acceptable regarding the humiliation of active-duty and retired military personnel, as they are considered unproductive.”

Finally, they called on the families of active-duty and retired military personnel and every free and justice-seeking individual, to “participate in the movements until the demands are met.”