A geyser a few meters high appeared in Dbayeh this morning after a major pipeline ruptured near the Water Establishment, sparking fears of a water shortage in Beirut while repair work is completed. The rupture was due to a malfunction in the drain valve of the Fawar source conduit in Antelias.

“The incident in question will not affect the water supply to the Dbayeh and Beirut stations,” said a source from the Beirut and Mount Lebanon Water Establishment (EBML), contacted by This Is Beirut. “Indeed, this source (Fawar), which supplies Dbayeh, but only in the summer, is not used when its water is cloudy, as is currently the case. Moreover, those (the sources) of Kachouch and Jeita are enough to supply all of Beirut,” the same person continued.

Furthermore, the Traffic and Vehicles Management Authority called on motorists to be vigilant and to reduce speed on the Dbayeh highway in both directions.

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