The artillery fire clash recommenced early on Thursday afternoon after an unsteady calm, when over thirty Israeli shells were fired toward Beit Lif, Aita al-Shaab, Rmeish, and Ramya.

Israeli shells targeted the woodlands of Aita al-Shaab and Ramya, resulting in their catching fire. The fire was caused by the Israeli army dropping about 28 155-mm shells in the region between Ramya and Beit Lif.

The Israeli barracks in Zarit also caught fire when the spread of the fire in Lebanon began.

Furthermore, an Israeli shell landed close to an Internal Security Forces (ISF) post in Kfar Kila at around 2:00 PM without detonating, resulting in the intervention of the Lebanese Army to destroy it.

The eastern part of the Hebbariyeh suburbs was also bombed.

Israeli spy planes had swept throughout the western and central regions of South Lebanon, extending from the Blue Line border communities to Tyre and the Litani River.

In the morning, Israeli reconnaissance planes also passed over Beirut. The Israeli onslaught has caused significant losses to farmers and peasants in the South Lebanon region, harming their harvests of bananas, citrus fruits, and olives.