Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati announced on Sunday that diplomatic communications, both international and regional, and local meetings are ongoing with the aim of stopping Israeli attacks on Lebanon, particularly in the South, and preventing the expansion of the war to Lebanon.

Mikati stated that he understands the fear and concern among the Lebanese due to the current situation, as some foreign embassies have called on their citizens to leave Lebanon. However, Mikati emphasized his commitment to making every effort to protect Lebanon.

Mikati also mentioned that preparations and emergency plans are being made to deal with potential developments as a precautionary measure. Mikati expressed confidence that Lebanon’s friends are working with the country to return the situation to normal and prevent it from deteriorating further.

Regarding measures taken at the airport and by Middle East Airlines (MEA), these are also precautionary measures related to risk management. Mikati noted that they haven’t received any information indicating an imminent disaster at the airport, and the exceptional measures are expected to be temporary.

Mikati addressed the issue of rumors and false news, stating that during times of crisis, misinformation and rumors become more prevalent.

Regarding the current escalations at the Southern borders of Lebanon, Mikati mentioned, “We initially chose to adopt a silent approach at the beginning of the crisis, away from the media, but some exploited this to launch an unjust campaign against the government and create panic among the people. To counter this, I have decided to keep the Lebanese people updated on our actions in real time, and I urge our citizens to trust that we are continuing our efforts to protect Lebanon and keep harm at bay.”

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