Former MP Habib Sadek, one of the prominent figures of the Lebanese left, passed away on Saturday at the age of 92 following his struggle with an illness.

Habib Sadek played a significant role during the historical phase that paved the way for the Cedar Revolution in the early 2000s. Alongside a group of intellectuals, including Samir Kassir, he co-founded the Democratic Left. This organization brought together academics and left-wing intellectuals who embraced the principles of sovereign parties and currents, taking a stance against the Syrian occupation and aligning themselves with what would later become the March 14 Movement.

In 1992, he was elected as a parliamentarian from Nabatieh on Nabih Berry’s list. However, he later withdrew from Berry’s bloc to position himself as an independent MP. Habib Sadek also served as the president of the Cultural Center of South Lebanon and authored numerous political and literary works.

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