The “Women on the Frontlines” conference (WOFL) took place in Amman on Monday, May 22, in its sixth edition for the Middle East and North African Region-Jordan, organized by May Chidiac Foundation MCF.

The Former Minister of State for Administrative Development in Lebanon and President of MCF, May Chidiac, praised the efforts by the Jordanian Royal Family in enabling and encouraging women’s participation in society.

The WOFL conference was attended by members of the Royal family and prominent figures in politics, diplomacy, media, arts, economics, and modern technology.

“The WOFL MENA CHAPTER- JORDAN 2023 aims to enable women and to encourage them in their pursuit towards accomplishing sustainable goals that serve the public and societal good in all its dimensions in addition to shedding light on the stories of ladies and young women who have challenged and achieved multiple successes and left their distinguished marks in various sectors,” stated the May Chidiac Foundation in a press release.  

From left to right Mr Sadek Sabbah CEO of Cedars Art Production former minister May Chidiac and ambassador of Lebanon Joe Rajji

In her speech, the former minister May Chidiac pointed out that the representation of women in governments is “disappointing” as men still occupy the slender majority of seats in many Arab countries, “except in countries where the quota system is applied.”

She also highlighted on the many achievements of women in the region, while stressing on the importance of fighting violence against women.

In this context, Mrs Chidiac said that “more laws and practical measures are required to put an end to all forms of gender-based violence, to abolish discrimination in terms of personal status, and to end male guardianship and permission to travel, etc…”

The conference included a variety of activities that focused on telecommunications, banking, aviation, and health in addition to interesting panels, with leading women on the role of women in politics and diplomacy, education, artificial intelligence, and ChatGPT and activists.

A panel was also devoted to a dialogue about the world of production, and the role of television and film production in encouraging and empowering women.

During the conference, a report was also presented to honor three women, who won the Arab Woman Award for the year 2023 in London last March. And they are Libya’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Najla Mangoush, member of Senate in Jordan Ms. Khawla Armouti, and the former minister and journalist and president of the MCF, Dr. May Chidiac.

The second part of the conference revolved around a number of panels that focused on women’s excellence in the fields of health, leadership, and activism as well as in the world of art and media.