Iranian strikes caused “minor damage” to an Israeli base, army spokesman Daniel Hagari said Sunday, after Iran’s state media reported “heavy blows” to the base from its missiles.

“Only a few missiles fell in the territory of the state of Israel with slight damage to a military base in the south, with only slight damage to the infrastructure,” Rear Admiral Hagari said in a statement.


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Iran’s official IRNA news agency had reported earlier that the “most important Israeli air base in the Negev was the successful target of the Kheibar missile.”

“Images and data indicate that the base sustained heavy blows,” it said.

IRNA said the air base in the Negev was used by Israel “to hit the Iranian consulate in Damascus” on April 1, the deadly air strike that Iran said it was reponding to with its drone and missile attacks early on Sunday.

Iranian state television said half of the missiles launched from Iran against Israel “have successfully hit their target.”

The Israeli army said the vast majority of Iran’s missiles were intercepted but added that the attack was still ongoing.

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