The United Nations reported that 137 trucks, containing food, water, medicine, and other essential items, have been unloaded in Gaza since the commencement of the Israel-Hamas truce on Friday.

A total of 137 trucks carrying food, water, medicine and other essentials have been unloaded in Gaza since the Israel-Hamas truce began Friday, the United Nations said.

This was the biggest humanitarian convoy to enter Gaza since the war started on October 7, the UN office for humanitarian affairs said in a statement.

It said 129,000 liters (34,000 gallons) of fuel also entered the Palestinian territory, and 21 patients in critical condition were evacuated from the north of Gaza.

“Hundreds of thousands of people were assisted with food, water, medical supplies and other essential humanitarian items,” the agency said in a statement.

It said a total of 200 trucks were sent from the Israeli village of Nitzana to the Rafa border crossing between Gaza and Egypt.

Khalil Wakim, with AFP