Caretaker Minister of Finance Youssef el-Khalil and World Bank (WB) Executive Director Abdel Aziz al-Mulla discussed, over a meeting, the WB budget for Lebanon, the projects carried out in the country and the institution’s strategy for the next two years.

Also on the agenda were discussions regarding the framework of support provided by the WB to Lebanon, as well as preliminary steps related to the financing program that the World Bank would grant for project implementation in Lebanon. This program will be submitted to caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati and Khalil, with a view to reaching an agreement on the sectors that will benefit from WB credits.

The meeting was also aimed at discussing more ways to strengthening relations with the World Bank and supporting the Ministry of Finance in the performance of its duties, given the vital role it plays in the recovery of the economy.

Khalil also discussed a project law for a loan and grant that this financial institution would provide to the Ministry of Finance. The loan aims to rehabilitate the ministry’s IT infrastructure and enhance expertise.

Khalil also took stock of the measures taken by his ministry over the past two years, which have helped to “stabilize public finances and achieve a surplus in the Treasury accounts, contributing to the strengthening of foreign currency reserves.”

“Today, we need to focus on preparing a draft budget for the year 2025 that includes reform objectives,” concluded Khalil, stressing the importance of better “interaction between ministries, economic sectors and the private sector to boost the economy.”