Mechanical Inspection centers (Mécanique) announced yet another open strike starting Monday, until their employees’ demands are met. This comes after declaring on Saturday that they would dispense with new formalities starting November 21.

It is worth mentioning that for more than a year now, the centers have been on strike almost all the time.

In a statement, the employees deplored the fact that they’ve been receiving a small part of their salaries, and that they have not been receiving the other part at all (i.e., the fourfold increase in salary and transport allowances).

They pointed out that the Mechanical Inspection centers bring in substantial revenue for the Treasury, especially as they have begun to collect the price of citizens’ formalities.

The employees demanded that the state find a formula whereby they get a fixed allowance, a “fair” percentage of what the Authority collects, noting that several institutions and ministries have resorted to this solution to support their workers in light of the collapse in the value of salaries, rising taxes and cost of living.

The Mechanical Inspection centers remained closed for eleven months, before sporadically reopening their doors on September 11, due to the arrest of officials suspected of corruption.