Fourteen young Lebanese talents feature on Forbes Middle East’s “30 Under 30” list for 2023. They stand out among 120 innovators, highlighting the determination of the Lebanese youth to forge ahead, despite the country’s current crisis.

These young creative leaders are at the forefront of change in the MENA region, and their influence extends into areas that have been barely explored to date.

The 2023 edition of the “30 Under 30” list includes 120 individuals divided into four categories, each with 30 candidates. These are individuals who have distinguished themselves in various fields such as social impact, science and technology, business and finance as well as entertainment.

This year, Egypt is the most represented country, with 44 people selected, followed by Saudi Arabia (15 people), Lebanon (14 people), the United Arab Emirates (13 people) and Jordan (10 people).

The selected Lebanese are:

– Hussein Ibrahim Ayoub, 27, manager of EDT and partners for the Middle East and Africa region. Category: Social impact.

– Ghassan Oueidat, 28, co-founder and CEO of Asymmpotic Robotics. Category: Science and technology.

– Nour Sleiman, 27, co-founder and head of communications at Cartello. Category: Science and technology.

– Al-Walid Al-Hallani, 22, singer. Category: Entertainment.

– Ahmed Haffar, 28, Associate Director at Mindloop Studios. Category: Entertainment.

– Jad Hobeika, 27, Associate Creative Director at Georges Hobeika. Category: Entertainment.

– Patrick Sawaya, 28, founder of Patrick Sawaya Photography. Category: Entertainment.

– Hassan Jaafar, 28, co-founder and CEO of YY ReGen. Category: Business and Finance.

– Paolo Khayat, 24, co-founder and CEO of Libas. Category: Business and finance.

– Yasmina Zaytoun, 20, Miss Lebanon 2022-2023. Category: Social impact.

– Reine Metlej, 26, co-founder of BIOwayste. Category: Social impact.

– Luma Makari, 22, co-founder and CEO of Elggo. Category: Social impact.

– Bassel Jalaleddine, 28, founder and director of Category: Social impact.

– Marc Aoun, 29, co-founder and CEO of Compost Baladi SAL. Category: Social Impact

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