On Tuesday, a delegation from the World Bank met with economic organizations led by former Minister Mohammad Choucair.

During the meeting, the World Bank delegation gave project recommendations in regards to the future port of Beirut, including the suggestion of setting up a tourist port connected to the capital. They stressed the importance of preserving the silos and the victim’s memorial in their current location, as a tribute to them.

The discussion also focused on how to digitize port procedures to make operations more efficient and stop illegal activities. The objective is to ensure the vital role of the port in Lebanon’s economic revival.

Mohammad Choucair emphasized the need for a long-term strategy for maritime transportation in Lebanon, given Lebanon’s central role in these operations and its strategic geographical position.

He stressed the importance of speeding up the reconstruction and development of the Port of Beirut in a way that meets the needs of Lebanon, Beirut and the Lebanese private sector.

The former minister said that he would rely on cooperation between the private sector and the World Bank to put this plan into action.

Both parties agreed to continue meeting.