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The play Maamoul, written and directed by Karim Chebli and Sara Abdo, is currently showing at the Théâtre Tournesol in Beirut. The cast includes Nada Abou Farhat, Cynthya Karam, Hiam Abou Chedid, Sara Abdo, with a special appearance by Joseph Acaf.

Maamoul, a vibrant artistic creation by Karim Chebli and Sara Abdo, comes to life at the Théâtre Tournesol in Beirut. This performance captivates the audience with its social and human intrigue and its distinct staging. The cast features Nada Abou Farhat, Cynthya Karam, Hiam Abou Chedid, Sara Abdo and the exceptional participation of Joseph Acaf. Maamoul is a must-see for theater enthusiasts.

During the premiere, the play drew a packed house into the intimate setting of four women’s living room. The audience witnesses their revealing discussions, buried pasts, uncertain futures, concealments and doubts. The dialogue, rich with Lebanese expressions, brings laughter in a scenography that blends vaudevillian ambiance with realism.

Renowned actress Nada Abou Farhat returns to the stage after a long absence. At ease, she masterfully controls her movements and embodies her role with brilliance. Hiam Abou Chedid brings expressive depth, portraying a woman in a society filled with taboos. Sara Abdo, despite being deeply involved in the creation, maintains the freshness and authenticity of her stage presence. Cynthya Karam captivates the audience with her expressions and movements that inhabit the scenic space. The audience’s laughter resonates with her lines and subtle gestures.

The story addresses multiple societal issues without censorship, in a realistic and raw manner. It highlights the personal stories of each woman, reflecting a broader society and a specific Lebanese perspective. The text blends tragedy and comedy in a society on the brink, where mediocrity infiltrates relationships. The play draws its essence from the customs and prohibitions of Lebanese society.

The lighting, designed by the incomparable Hagop Derghougassian, adds a unique dimension to the artistic creation. It enhances the scenography and the characters’ performance with shadow puppetry, light reflections, blends of shadows and light, and freeze-frames. His luminous touch sculpts the characters, their aura and their scenic environment, adding the final touch and eternalizing the poignant last moment before the curtains close.

Maamoul plays at Tournesol Theater until July 21, at 8:15 PM. Tickets are available at Librairie Antoine.