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At the Cannes Film Festival 2024, actresses defied conventions by adopting a masculine style, transforming the red carpet into a manifesto of power and emancipation.

During the Cannes Film Festival, the red carpet became the stage for a bold and striking trend: feminized masculine fashion. Several actresses chose to defy conventions by adopting a masculine style. This fashion choice, synonymous with power and emancipation, was widely praised for its originality and its challenge to traditional norms of feminine fashion.

The tuxedo, often considered the epitome of masculine elegance, took on a new dimension at the festival this year. It embodied a strong message of liberation, aligned with contemporary movements advocating for gender equality. By opting for this attire, actresses showcased their style and also affirmed their desire to break traditional red carpet codes.

Nadine Labaki chose a daring ensemble consisting of fitted black pants and a structured-shoulder blazer, creating a striking and modern look. Judith Godrèche made a sensation in an elegant white tuxedo, marking her appearance with a classic and sophisticated outfit, thus reinforcing her message of empowering women. Justine Triet, Léa Seydoux and Eva Green followed this trend by adding their personal touches: satin details, colorful variations and various styles, offering contemporary and subversive interpretations of the masculine style. Julie Gayet, on the other hand, opted for a pantsuit, showcasing the timeless elegance of this trend with sobriety.

The variations of masculine style on the Cannes steps were remarkable. Some actresses opted for sobriety and elegance, while others chose touches of fantasy and color. These fashion choices, often sophisticated and feminine, integrating elegant elements, reflect a desire to reinvent fashion codes while affirming an image of power, emancipation and gender equality. The sleek silhouettes, tailored cuts and refined details all contributed to creating charming looks.

This clothing revolution could mark a new era in red carpet fashion. Each appearance of these actresses was scrutinized and analyzed, and their confidence was widely praised by fashion critics and the public. This choice of clothing reflects impeccable taste and a commitment to values of equality and modernity, demonstrating that actresses can shine just as brightly in traditionally masculine attire, proving that fashion defies all stereotypes.

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