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On June 7 and 8, the Casino du Liban will host Mourir sur scène, an exceptional musical event in tribute to Franco-Egyptian icon Dalida.

A tribute show to Dalida directed by Roy El Khouri will be presented on June 7 and 8 on the stage of the Casino du Liban for two unprecedented and spectacular performances. Several singers will be featured, including Mirva Kadi, who will play the role of Dalida, along with Matteo El Khodr, Mabelle Rahme, Bassem Feghali and talented dancers.

Roy El Khouri shared his enthusiasm for this show with This Is Beirut. “My decision to create this spectacular tribute stems from a deep admiration for Dalida’s musical legacy. Her music transcends cultural boundaries, and this show is a celebration of her invaluable contribution to the music industry,” he said.

Matteo El Khodr, one of the performers, is himself an ardent fan of Dalida’s. For him, this project is a dream come true. Dalida is an emblematic figure of his youth, and his passion for her music and image was passed down from his grandfather. This project will allow him to pay homage to her in a unique way.

Mirva Kadi, who will have the honor of embodying this iconic singer, shares this dream come true with Matteo El Khodr. “It’s a dream for me to be able to play the role of Dalida. I had this idea in mind for a while, and several producers told me that I absolutely had to play her due to my resemblance to the singer. And that’s what happened, thanks to Roy El Khouri.”

Roy El Khouri also revealed some details about the show. “We recreate the fascinating world of Dalida through dance sequences, performances, musical scenes, acting and staging, to showcase Dalida’s artistic diversity and the different musical genres she influenced, which contributed to the global cultural landscape. The performers will evolve in Dalida’s incomparable universe to pay her a spectacular tribute, in her image.”

Musical and Visual Surprises

Matteo El Khodr shared his approach to interpreting Dalida’s songs with This Is Beirut. “I don’t seek to imitate Dalida but to pay tribute to her in my own way. Each song I sing is infused with my own style while respecting the essence of the original song. The costumes designed by Azzi and Osta will be a nod to Dalida’s iconic aesthetic,” he explained.

The show will be a journey through the different eras of Dalida’s career, with musical and visual surprises throughout the evening. “Everything will be performed live, thanks to an orchestra and dancers, to reproduce Dalida’s energy and emotion on stage,” Kadi said.

By paying tribute to the great singer, this show promises to rekindle the flame of her universal musical legacy and transport the audience into a world of glamour, passion and timeless music. For Kadi, it is very important to pay tribute to this iconic woman and singer. She has been honoring Dalida for years by incorporating some of her songs into her own concerts. But this project will have a special dimension as she will embody Dalida herself, speaking, singing and dancing in her way. Her body language will be Dalida’s.


It is a significant responsibility that Kadi takes very seriously. To properly portray Dalida, the artist diligently studied her character by watching her interviews and live concerts and carefully re-listening to her hits, even choosing the songs for the show herself. “I ask myself a lot of questions about her way of being and her personality. What did she go through? Where does this sadness come from? How does she react to different situations? I look at her eyes, facial expressions, gestures, etc. These are essential and important elements and details in constructing the character.”

The artist has noticed certain similarities with Dalida, which helps her better embody the character, such as her way of thinking, reacting and responding. Kadi even has Italian origins, allowing her to reprise some of Dalida’s famous lines in Italian, as well as in French and Arabic, like Dalida.

The performances at the Casino du Liban promise to be magical in celebrating Dalida’s essential legacy. The memory of Dalida will shine brightly, illuminating the hearts of spectators with her legendary grace.