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Lebanese-Mexican artist Karine Hochar presents Comme je l’imagine, a captivating solo exhibition at Chaos Art Gallery in Beirut, from May 9 to June 4, 2024. An invitation to delve into a world of dreams and visual poetry.

From May 9 to June 4, 2024, the Chaos Art Gallery opens its doors to Comme je l’imagine, a fascinating solo exhibition by self-taught artist Karine Hochar. Born in Beirut in 1970, this Lebanese-Mexican sculptor with an atypical background invites us on a journey into her dreamlike world, populated with soothing, generously curved female figures, silent witnesses to her personal history and that of her country.

Coming from a family where art is second nature — with a grandfather who was a painter, an aunt who was a sculptor, and a father, Serge Hochar, who created the iconic Chateau Musar wine — Karine Hochar grew up surrounded by creativity. Initially drawn to drawing and painting, she eventually turned to sculpture, inspired by Lebanon’s archaeological and cultural treasures, a land of contrasts and riches.

A twelve-year stay in Paris, away from the turmoil of the civil war, allowed Karine to further broaden her artistic horizons and quench her thirst for discoveries. Upon returning to Lebanon, she first worked in the family wine business before succumbing to the irresistible call of creation. Exploring various mediums such as painting on wooden furniture and pastry making, she finally presented her first collection of bronze sculptures in 2008, revealing her innate talent for bringing materials to life.

From her studio nestled in the majestic Cedar Mountains, overlooking the sacred Qadisha Valley, the cradle of Christian monasticism, Karine Hochar crafts works with smooth surfaces and generous volumes, evoking serene and joyful melodies. Her meticulous attention to detail shines through in the meticulous rendering of faces, clothes, and accessories, contrasting with the intentionally exaggerated proportions of the silhouettes. A duality that gives her creations a dreamlike and symbolic dimension.

Through her expressive sculptures, the artist tells her own story, dotted with symbols dear to her and echoing her mixed cultural heritage. But the political and social turmoil that has shaped Lebanon also subtly makes its way into her work, reflecting her commitment to her homeland. Molding clay often without prior sketches, Karine allows emotions and experiences to mutually enrich each other until the perfect movement is found — one that will breathe life and soul into her works.

Displayed in prestigious galleries and events in Beirut, Dubai, New York, Florence, Abu Dhabi, Paris, and Cairo, Karine Hochar’s works were awarded a gold medal at the XIV Florence Biennale in 2023. This is a fine recognition of the unique talent of this accomplished artist, who continuously pushes the boundaries of her art to offer us ever more moving creations.

After successfully participating in several group exhibitions, Comme je l’imagine is Karine Hochar’s first personal exhibition at Chaos Art Gallery. An invitation to plunge into the unique universe of Karine Hochar, where imagination and reality merge. A journey to the heart of art and emotion, not to be missed.