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Singer Kendji Girac, 27, is fighting for his life after being critically injured by a gunshot on the night of April 21 to 22, 2024, in Biscarrosse, in the Landes region. This tragedy has deeply shaken his loved ones and fans, as the young artist, who rose to fame on The Voice in 2014, was at the peak of his career. Here is a look back at the journey and meteoric rise of an artist who has won the hearts of the public with his sunny and authentic musical style.

The music world has been in shock since the terrible news broke: Kendji Girac, one of the most popular and beloved singers of his generation, was severely wounded by gunfire in the night of April 21 to 22, 2024, in Biscarrosse, in the Landes region. The incident occurred on a travelers’ site, but the exact circumstances remain unclear at this stage. The 27-year-old was rushed to the hospital in Bordeaux.

This tragedy has sparked strong emotions among his fans and the general public, as Kendji’s journey is like a modern-day fairy tale. Born on July 3, 1996 in Périgueux within the traveler community, Kendji was introduced to music at a very young age by his grandfather, who passed on his passion by teaching him to play guitar and sing. Despite a truncated school career, the young man nurtured his love for singing while helping his father, a tree pruner. A serious accident on a worksite, where pruning shears fell on his head, could have cost him his life, but fate decided otherwise.

It was finally in 2013 that Kendji’s life took a dramatic turn when a video of him covering Bella by Maître Gims went viral on the internet. Encouraged by this unexpected success, he auditioned for The Voice in 2014. From the blind auditions, Mika, captivated by his voice and performance, chose him for his team. Kendji ultimately breezed through the competition, becoming the grand winner of season 3 at just 18 years old

This marked the beginning of a rapid ascent for the young artist. His debut self-titled album, driven by the hit Color Gitano, was a massive success. Kendji continued to achieve hits with songs like Andalouse, Les yeux de la mama, Me Quemo and Conmigo. His unique musical style blending pop, rumba flamenca and gypsy rhythms captivated a broad audience in France and internationally, particularly in Arab countries.

Despite his meteoric rise, Kendji remains a humble and authentic artist, deeply connected to his roots. His family is at the heart of his music videos, and he does not hesitate to sing in Spanish or Arabic, thereby paying tribute to his heritage. While he does not wish to be a spokesperson, he hopes to represent the culture of travelers through his music.

Over the years and albums, Kendji Girac has established himself as a key figure in the French music scene. Amigo in 2018 and Mi Vida in 2020 confirmed his status as a star, along with his multiple awards at the NRJ Music Awards. But the singer does not plan to stop there. To celebrate his 10-year career, he was actually preparing a highly anticipated event album for 2024.

But just as everything was going well and he was at the height of his career, tragedy struck. This shooting puts everything into question and plunges his loved ones and fans into deep concern. The exact circumstances of the tragedy remain to be clarified, and the investigation must shed light on this tragic event.

On social media, messages of support are pouring in, testifying to the impact Kendji has had on the public’s heart. Beyond the star, it is a young man full of life, talent and generosity who is now fighting to survive. Having started from nothing yet managing to persevere and establish himself as a successful and inspiring artist, he now faces the most important battle of his life.