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The Cannes Film Festival, scheduled to run from May 14 to 25, will soon showcase a Christmas cinematic treat, Christmas Eve in Miller’s Point, starring the children of legendary filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese. This announcement from the festival’s organizers confirms the film’s premiere in the Directors’ Fortnight, a revered sidebar that celebrates innovative and distinctive voices in filmmaking.

Christmas Eve in Miller’s Point features Sawyer Spielberg and Francesca Scorsese sharing the screen with Michael Cera, renowned for his role in the comedy hit Superbad. This ensemble cast brings a fresh vibrancy to the festive narrative set to captivate the Cannes audience. At just 24, Francesca Scorsese is already a familiar face thanks to her compelling performance in the HBO series We Are Who We Are, marking her as a formidable talent in her burgeoning acting career.

The Directors’ Fortnight will begin with This Life of Mine, a poignant piece by the late French director Sophie Fillières. The section is notable this year for its spotlight on films from regions where filmmaking poses significant challenges, including entries from Argentina, Egypt and a pioneering submission from Palestine. The American independent film scene is also well-represented with four entries, including the intriguing Eephus, which delves into the world of minor league baseball, featuring performances by documentary veteran Frederick Wiseman and Keith William Richards, known for his role in Uncut Gems.

The festival promises a diverse lineup that highlights both seasoned filmmakers and emerging talents from across the globe.

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