The Beauty and Wellbeing Forum 2024 recently held a press conference at the Chamber of Commerce headquarters in Beirut, unveiling details about the upcoming event. Scheduled from April 18 to 21, 2024, and enjoying the patronage of the Ministries of Information and Economy, the forum will take place at the Forum de Beirut. The event attracted a considerable assembly of journalists, media representatives, influencers and activists.

The Beauty and Wellbeing Forum 2024 conference opened with remarks from the President of the Chamber of Commerce, former Minister Mohammad Choucair. He asserted, “This forum embodies the quintessence of Lebanon, a nation we cherish and fervently strive to safeguard. Its essence underpins our roles, existence and future. Elegance and beauty are secrets behind the success and distinction of Lebanese men and women, both domestically and internationally.” Hanadi Dagher, the forum’s founder, extended a warm welcome to the participants, expressing gratitude towards sponsors, supporters, exhibitors and the press. She highlighted, “Lebanon, with its 6,000-year-old culture and civilization, is inherently capable of hosting the largest forum of its kind dedicated to beauty, and mental and physical health. Our ambition is to position Lebanon on the international beauty exhibitions map, showcasing our nation’s immense potential.” Dr. Jad Nehme, a founding partner of the forum, delineated the concept of wellbeing, its contemporary relevance, and its profound impact on human health and life. “As a physician, my ultimate aim is to serve the populace and prioritize their health, in alignment with our professional responsibilities and the oath we have sworn. Health is invaluable, and through this forum, we intend to offer an unparalleled experience in Lebanon and the region,” he remarked.

Madiha Raslan, President of the Women Leaders Association, emphasized Lebanon’s role as a creator of beauty. She lauded the Lebanese as pioneers in various domains and commended the organizers for their bravery in initiating this forum amidst the nation’s economic challenges and crises. “This forum rekindles hope among the youth in Lebanon,” she noted. Dr. Yousef Bakhache, head of the Lebanese physicians’ syndicate, applauded this pioneering initiative, underlining the significance of seminars and activities that promote medical awareness. “Educating the populace about preventive medicine is crucial in safeguarding them against numerous diseases. This forum promises to disseminate widespread benefits across diverse demographics,” he stated.

The forum will feature over 200 exhibitors, offering attendees an opportunity to explore the latest trends in body care and mental health. From groundbreaking products to innovative treatments, participants will discover new ways to enhance their quality of life and wellbeing. The program will also include an array of lectures, interactive group discussions and workshops designed to foster dialogue between experts and visitors.