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This December, an impressive event unfolded in New York City’s Times Square, captivating the attention of its countless visitors. The iconic billboards, usually an advertising display, turned into colossal praise for the initial story of Christmas.

The makeover of Times Square is an essential part of the Light the World initiative. The Light the World movement, a yearly endeavor, works to unify individuals globally in commemorating the luminous legacy of Jesus, especially during the Christmas period. In this unusual display at Times Square, a delightfully shaped nativity scene emerged from the darkness, serving as a touching reminder of Jesus’ birth and underscoring the necessity of light and love in people’s lives.

Completing this pictorial spectacle is the innovative concept of the Giving Machines. These are not typical vending machines; they represent a unique incentive supported by several international donations and local non-profit organizations. These structures offer an occasion for people to donate necessary pieces to those in need. The series of contributions extend from providing goats to refugees to supplying clean water to schools. Since its inception in 2017, this initiative has effectively raised more than $22 million, evidence of its deep influence and reach.

Marie-Christine Tayah

Instagram: @mariechristine.tayah