In an atmosphere teeming with festivity, yesterday saw the unfolding of the venerable 2023 edition of the “Lebanese Movies Awards”. The creme de la creme of Lebanese cinema convened for an unforgettable evening within the iconic walls of Casino du Liban, to partake in the conferring of accolades.

An abundance of cinematic masterpieces vied for recognition, rendering the adjudication process particularly challenging for the jury, composed of fifteen luminaries from the realm of cinema. Producers, directors, actors, musicians, and other stalwarts of the seventh art graced the occasion with their esteemed presence, striding with elegance down the red carpet. The climactic ascent of the steps and the grand inauguration of the ceremony evoked vivid parallels to the Cannes Film Festival, seemingly transposed to the heart of the Cedar country.

“Memory Box”, an opus magnum by Joanna Hadjithomas and Khalil Jreiche, distinguished itself by seizing the award for Best Lebanese Film. “Broken Keys”, an audaciously crafted film by Jimmy Keyrouz under the auspices of Ezekiel Film Production and set to the original musical composition of Gabriel Yared, saw its lead actor, Tarek Karam, lauded for his unparalleled performance.The film also received an award for its set design.

It warrants emphasis that this audacious film draws its inspiration from the raw essence of reality. It was shot under exceptionally arduous circumstances, with a portion of the filming taking place in Mosul, shortly after the exodus of ISIS, amidst a landscape marred by devastation.
The best screenplay went to Memory Box, inspired by the personal diaries of Joanna Hadjithomas Joreige. Among others, the award for best original score was presented to Beirut Hold’em (an independent film), as well as the award for best casting.