In an audacious collision of art and environmental activism, Beverly Barkat’s latest masterpiece, Earth Poetica, reimagines the global plastic waste crisis through the lens of poetic transcendence. Made of tons of plastic waste collected worldwide, the artwork has found its place within the confines of 3 World Trade Center in New York City. On June 5, 2023, it was unveiled as a free public art installation.

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Earth Poetica is a grand tapestry of human excess woven with care. It juxtaposes the serene majesty of nature’s diverse geography with the harsh reality of our discarded waste. Navigating the nexus of individuality and society, Barkat initiated a meaningful discussion about accountability, as it invites us to redefine our ties with nature and revisit our shared responsibility toward the planet’s future. This artistic feat is more than just a vibrant display of hues and forms, as it is a profound call-to-arms in the battle for environmental justice.

With Earth Poetica, Barkat challenges the traditional perception of plastic waste through an aesthetic exploration of the planet’s geographical diversity, taking a stand for environmental justice. She transforms discarded plastics like fishing nets, bags, and bottles into intricate works of art that poignantly reflect their damaging effect on the environment. By classifying and manipulating the waste according to attributes like color, form and transparency, the artist breathes new life into such objects, testing their authenticity in a fresh environmental context.

Earth Poetica conveys an important sociocultural message, provoking dialogue about public responsibility and posthuman citizenship. Barkat’s work transcends societal hierarchies, as it symbolizes the inextricable link between individuals, politics, economics, culture and science. It stands as a compelling plea for collective action, as it prompts society to reconsider its relationship with nature and the shared environment.

By Marie-Christine Tayah with AFP.

Instagram : @mariechristine.tayah

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